Weekend Update:

“Still holding our breath”

Two new pieces of news coverage regarding Andrew this morning — both important in better understanding the situation in Nigeria as well as the nature of Andrew’s temporary release. While everyone is relieved that things have moved forward, this ordeal is definitely not over and we can’t give up our vigilance.

First is a radio interview with Aaron Soffin, Andrew’s producer and editor, and Sandy Cioffi from the documentary Sweet Crude.

Sandy and her Seattle based crew were detained in Nigeria under similar circumstances back in April 2008. Listen to hear more about the circumstances of Andrew’s arrest, the situation on the ground for journalists in Nigeria and why a better understanding of this complex area is critically important.

Click here to listen

You can also reach the radio interview by visiting the KPFA website


Also, the New York Times ran an update about Andy’s situation today. You can read it below:

Nigeria: Brief Release for Prisoner


Published: September 6, 2008

Andrew Berends, an American filmmaker who was arrested Sunday and charged with spying, has been moved to the capital, Abuja, and released for the weekend. He is still under arrest, however, and must report back to the State Security Services on Monday. American Embassy officials in Nigeria and State Department officials in Washington are working for his full release. Mr. Berends’s Nigerian interpreter, Samuel George, has also been released. Amnesty International had issued a statement warning that Mr. George might have been tortured and urged that both men be released immediately.


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