Back on US soil


8 responses to “Back on US soil

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  2. Roberta Ann Dunbar

    Thanks to all who made possible the release of Andrew Berends. Does anyone know what has happened to Samuel George? I assume he is Nigerian.
    I realize that letters from Americans to the Nigerian President about a Nigerian may not be considered appropriate, but wonder is there is a Nigerian human rights group that is working on Samuel George’s situation.
    Ann Dunbar

  3. Andy – So glad you are home!

  4. Andy – I am so glad you’re coming back. It’s been an amazing journey for you. Can’t even imagine what you went through!

  5. Roberta,

    Amnesty International released an urgent request for letters for Samuel George on Friday. I’m a little confused because the report on this site on Friday said that George had also been released over the weekend, so if anyone has a status update, that would be really helpful.

  6. CPJ reports that Samuel George was due back for continued interrogations yesterday.

  7. Our information is that Samuel George is supposed to report back to SSS on Friday. We’re hoping that he will be cleared and released then, but we’re waiting to monitor the situation as it unfolds. If he is not released and we need further action, we’ll be letting you know how to help by posting here. Thank you.

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