Samuel George off the hook, for now

Samuel had to report to the SSS office in Port Harcourt again today. He stayed a short time and was told to leave. If they need anything else from him, they’ll contact him in the future. It sounds like “case closed”, and we hope they never bother him again. We’ll continue to be in touch with him to make sure this is really over.

Meanwhile, we’ve received $3947 in donations from 74 individuals, along with $5000 from RSF , CPJ , and the Correspondents Fund toward Samuel and Joe’s legal fees. I’m really grateful to all who contributed. But after a flurry of contributions over the past couple of days, new donations have slowed to a halt. So, I’m making a final plea to anyone who thought about contributing, but didn’t. We could really use your help to reach the goal.

Click here to contribute.

I’ll be very glad when this is all finally settled. I feel fortunate that I made it out of the Niger Delta with six months worth of footage. But, I’m frustrated that I was kicked out a few weeks before my job was really done.

I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had, and the friends I made, including Samuel and Joe. And I’m hopeful that, in some way, the work I’ve done will have been worth the trouble.


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