Take Action

Action Alert: September 5th

Day 6 of Andrew’s illegal detention by the State Security Services of Nigeria. 

We know that many of you have been in contact with your elected official, both your Congressional Representative or your Senator. We encourage you to continue to contact them towards Andrew’s release. If you have not contacted your Congressional Representative or your Senator, please do so today.

To get your Representative or Senator’s contact information, click here.

Senators from New York:

In addition to calling your local representative, we would like everyone to call the two Senators from New York State, Andrew’s home state. When talking with the New York representatives, please make sure you mention that Andrew is a New Yorker.

You can reach them here: 
    * Senator Charles Schumer (D- NY) 212-486-4430
    * Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D- NY) 212-688-6262
Please forward this call to action to anyone you think could help by making a call to their representatives and the NY senators.

What to say: 

    * As a constituent and a concerned citizen, I wanted to bring your attention to the news that it is the SIXTH DAY that American journalist Andrew Berends has been detained by the Nigerian government while working on a documentary.

    * Nigeria enjoys the highest level of diplomatic relations with the United States, and for an American journalist to be detained without representation for such a prolonged time and continually subjected to coercive questioning is both highly inappropriate and illegal.

    * We ask you to work to ensure the good treatment and speedy release of Andrew Berends, his interpreter Samuel George and Joe Bussio from Nigerian custody. Someone from the State Department in Nigeria needs to see him immediately.





Media Outreach:

If you have contacts in the media, please alert them to this story. If you are a blogger, please post something to your blog. If you twitter, then tweet. We need to do whatever it takes to keep this story on the radar and keep pushing for attention. Andrew and Samuel are counting on us.

This is not the time for complacency, this is the time for urgency. Please act now.


7 responses to “Take Action

  1. Contacted my Senators and Reps

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  3. For Ambassador Sanders in Nigeria:


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  5. is there anything that people living outwith the UK should do? Like contact US Embassy here?

  6. After reading John Ghazavinian’s book ‘Untapped’ and doing my own research on U.S. involvement in the extraction of Africa’s raw materials, I realize this is a very sensitive and tricky issue. It will be hard for Berend’s family and constituents to know who they can trust. I would think twice before depending solely on U.S. delegation for answers, particularly the Clinton’s offices. They have their own level of assoication with the mistreatment of Africans in the Congo mining camps and inhumane treatment of children in those camps.

    Contact with offices that have no stake in the production and extraction of raw materials in Africa should be the focus.

    My prayers and thoughts are with the Berend family. He will be released.

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